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Help us ID Archives Photos at Home

With your own Flickr account, you can help us catalog our photographs collection from anywhere with an Internet connection.  By tagging photographs with names, dates, or even just general descriptions, you help the school know more about our photographs, making them easier to search and more useful today and in the future.

Step 1

Log in or sign up for a Flickr account at www.flickr.com

Step 2

Go to NSCDS Archives Flickr page at https://www.flickr.com/photos/nscdsarchives

Step 3

Next click “Albums” on the white menu bar. Then click on an album that sounds like it may contain some photos you might know something about. Some general albums like “Academics,” “Faculty and Staff,” or “Student Life” contain photos anyone familiar with the School at any point in its history will recognize.

Step 4

Now the fun begins! Look through the photographs – by scrolling through the thumbnails or clicking one photo and using the arrows to navigate through them – until you see something you recognize – anything – a person’s name, a specific building or room on campus, a subject being taught, a sport, a season, an event, etc.

Step 5

On any given photo, you will be able to scroll down to see its “tags” in the bottom right of the screen. Click on the blue “Add tags” link and a box will appear. Type inside the box, then press enter. 

To enter a multi-word tag, like a place, grade or someone’s name, put it in quotation marks (ex: “Jane Doe”). 

Most of what we are looking for your help with involves names, dates and locations.

So, if you see someone or something you recognize, tag it!

Only an administrator can delete tags, so if you enter a tag incorrectly, no worries, you can simply re-enter it correctly and make a comment on the photo with the information that needs to be deleted. For example, in a comment write: Please delete “sixth” and “grade” 

To get back to the Albums page at any time, you can use this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nscdsarchives/albums

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our School Archivist, Siera Erazo, at serazo@nscds.org.