Student Work


Student Work


This collection contains items found in the Archives created by students from 1924-1990.

The items are arranged chronologically into 3 legal flip-top archival boxes, one costume box, and one oversized painting.

Items that have been photographed or scanned are viewable as "items" in this section.


North Shore Country Day School Students


North Shore Country Day School Archives



Collection Items

Blizzard of January 1967
This document features a poem signed by all of the students and staff that came to school on the day of the January 27, 1967 blizzard. From January 26-27 a record-setting 23 inches of snow fell over a period of 24 hours in Winnetka and the…

Our Story of Our New Building by The Third Grade
"Our Story of Our New Building" by The Third Grade, North Shore Country Day School, 1937-1938 includes Diaries, Stories, Poem, Pictures, and Letters compiled by teacher Lillian Griffin
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