The Girtonian - 1913


The Girtonian - 1913


Girton School for Girls


The 1913 Girtonian is the seventh volume of the Girton School for Girls yearbook, documenting the 1912-1913 school year at the independent all-girls boarding and day school in Winnetka, Illinois. This year, the yearbook was produced at four separate books, VII No. 1-4, all published in 1913.

VII No. 1 - edited by the Junior girls, pages 1-32
VII No. 2 - edited by the Sophomore girls, pages 33-68
VII No. 3 - edited by the Freshman girls, pages 69-104
VII No. 4 - edited by the Senior girls, pages 105-148

Francis King Cooke founded the school in 1901, which ran through 1919. In 1919, the school campus and some students were absorbed by the new North Shore Country Day School, which is still operating in the same location as of 2014. The yearbook features original writing, photographs of the students and faculty, illustrations, and local advertisements featuring businesses from Chicago, Evanston, and Winnetka, Illinois.

Dedicated to Mrs. Patrick William Robertson Glover

The copy of this book that was digitized belonged to Alice Quan Rood.


North Shore Country Day School Archives


Girton School for Girls


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“The Girtonian - 1913,” North Shore Country Day School Archives, accessed May 28, 2024,


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